Thursday, April 5, 2018

Adventure to Nha Trang, Vietnam                        

Hey y'all! So this month I traveled within Southeast Asia itself, a country neighboring Cambodia and Thailand… Vietnam!! 

I was actually never really fond of travelling to all the countries in Asia but these past few months I’ve changed my mind. After checking out what’s there to offer in Asia, it’s been all heart eyes for them especially Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam!

It was our first time in Vietnam so we decided to travel to a new found city, Nha Trang. Unlike the popular cities like Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi, there isn’t really much to do here besides the beach and authentic local delicacies. It was exactly what I needed…to relax and venturing out in a new city.

From Cam Ranh Airport, it was about a 40 minutes drive to our first hotel. Further from the hustle and bustle of the nha trang busy streets but with an amazing view from our room itself.

The next day we decided to stay in the busy city itself to venture more into what nha trang was all about. The best part of nha trang is how close the beach and the hotels are. The 6 km wide beach gives so many hotels options for you to choose from.All of our hotels had sea view which was an absolute bonus!

There's also a few great clubs at hotel rooftops which is also by the Tran Phu beach side. The entrance fee is much cheaper compared to in most countries plus how often do you get a view this like?
1000 dong is actually their smallest note but you cant really buy anything with that hahaha.

Dam market is a famous tourist attraction spot to buy local food and street shopping. I totally polished my bargaining skills there because they hike up the prices knowing that you're not local. The 'bargain and walk away' trick works 90% of the time and you should always speak politely with them. Just like Malaysians, they 'EH' alot even to tourists which to us might sound harsh but it's completely normal there.

I was so blessed to play with so many cute local doggos roaming the streets. Most of dem vietnam dogs are so small compared to the ones we have back home.

Vietnam is famous for their coffees and the wide spread of dried food. Bare in mind that they even eat snakes, crocodiles, seahorse. The past few days felt like I've eating grass so much because their food is mostly filled with raw greens and lemongrass. Much like a cow's diet hahaha. One of my favorite part was the PASSIONFRUIT. It was sooo good!

I loved being at the beach, it was so fulfilling to watch the sunrise and sunset. Each of our hotels checked that box without a doubt. Could never get bored of it! It's a different vibe for every sunset in every city I've visited so far!

For our final night here, we stayed at Legend Sea, which was the closest to the airport but still in the heart of the city. It was so easy moving from hotel to hotel and getting around as we could grab or uber which was much cheaper than the local taxis. We did a little sight seeing too visiting the Hindu-based pagodas and it was beautiful!

Thats all for now! Definitely will be visiting Vietnam again!