Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Adventure to Japan

Greetings and kon'nichiwa!! Here's how my trip to japan went:) Enjoy!!!

One of the best parts of travelling abroad is the view from above and i was lucky enough to see both sunrise and sunset as my flights were conveniently interrupting my beauty sleep. BUT it was so worth it! I adore pretty skies hands down and how the clouds somehow make me feel some kinda way...

Instead of travelling to the big cities, We decided to stay at Nara Prefecture which is such an underrated city in Japan but so full of culture. From the Osaka airport to Nara, the view included local industrial warehouses & factories by the ocean, skyscrapers and the quiet suburb town of Nara.

Japanese food is great! However eating bento and ramen for 6 days wasnt something i enjoyed. There were few great dishes that i really loved like Takoyaki( octopus stuffing balls), mochi, tempuras and their FRIED RICE!!! Tried warm sake too and i couldnt stop laughing for the next 20 mins.

Another highlight in Nara was the deer park. One of my favorite throughout the whole trip because who doesnt like petting deers right. The deers would give u a bow when you come towards them as a sign of respect. LIKE SERIOUSLY, SO CUTE!

I cant express how much i loved dressing up for this weather.
Because it was winter at that time, the sceneries were pretty dull as to compared during summer or autumn seasons. The long train rides gave us a good view on how agriculture is so important in Japan.

Next few days were travelling to Namba Osaka where my cravings for clothes were satisfied. If anyone told you Bangkok was a shopaholics destination, they've not been to Namba Walk. From high end brands to local stores selling trendy clothes. The prices vary depending really where you shop but overall ending of winter season also means sale season. So, really just go all out and don't worry about spending alot here because brands like Nike, Forever21 and Uniqlo are all way cheaper than in Malaysia.

Traveled to Kyoto which is another popular city in Japan that really took my breath away. Upon reaching there, it was like we were back in the old days in Japan, the town in Kyoto was small but cozy. Visited the Kinkaku-ji temple which is covered by gold leaf, the bamboo forest and few other places.

Last day in Japan was back in Nara shopping for chocolates, souvenirs and eating their local delicacies. Their matcha ice creams and strawberry sorbet is a must try!!

Thats all for now:)